Webinar On Demand:
Real-Time High Throughput Viral Cytopathic Assays for Vaccine Development, Neutralizing Antibody Screening, and Anti-Viral Therapy

Across a broad array of applications, virology assays typically monitor changes in the infected host cell over time.  The traditional methods for quantifying these virus-induced cytopathic effects are often labor intensive and only yield endpoint data.

Using gold-electrode biosensors and combined imaging, the xCELLigence family of instruments continuously and non-invasively monitor virus-induced changes in host cell number, size, attachment strength, and barrier function.  This composite readout is an exceptionally sensitive means of tracking the entire life cycle of a virus and interrogating virus-host interactions.

In this webinar we will demonstrate how, with a simple workflow and minimal hands-on time, xCELLigence assays yield an abundance of quantitative kinetic information that is being used in both industry and academia for:

  • Virus titer determination
  • Quantification of neutralizing antibodies
  • Antiviral therapy development
  • Evaluating oncolytic virus efficacy
  • Assessing virus quality/potency/fitness


Presented by:

Brandon Lamarche, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist, Head of xCELLigence Application Development
Agilent Technologies, Cell Analysis Division



For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.