2019 New Year’s Resolution for Best Benchtop Flow Cytometer (1~4 lasers)

Flow Cytometry continues to evolve and advance as a must-have Cell Analysis tool.


Built upon the success of NovoCyte® flow cytometers (1~3 lasers, up to 15 fluorescent channels), ACEA Biosciences now provides the next generation and most advanced benchtop flow cytometer NovoCyte Quanteon, a 4-laser flow cytometer with up to 25 fluorescent channels.

Now is the time to take the “Quanteon” leap to reap the benefits exceeding your needs for the simplified single cell, high throughput, multiparametric cell analysis:


- Exquisite sensitivity for dim signal and rare cell/particle population

   * flexible configurations allow customization for versatile applications
   * 1st ever innovative  silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) detector integration into Flow Cytometry
   * Unprecedented 100nm small particle detection resolution

- Transformative simplicity for all experience levels of Flow users

   * Integrated solution combines operational simplicity, automation with the most intuitive yet powerful NovoExpress software
   * Time-saving from simultaneous data collection and analysis for routine or complex experiments
   * Coupled with auto-compensation, 7.2-log wide dynamic range eliminates routine detector adjustments

- Hassle-free convenience with the high-throughput and most reliable autosampler

 * Convenient compatibility with your sample format (40-tube rack, 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well plates) 

 * Blazing fast time-to-result: 96-well plate throughput <20 minutes

 * Exceptional reproducibility, accuracy & efficiency: <0.1% carryover, embedded barcode reader, LIS compatibility, etc.

- See NovoCyte's peer reviews? at SelectScience - 4.9 out of 5 stars