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  • A Chat with A Chat with Renowned American Immunologist and Oncologist, Dr. Carl June
  • Combining High-Performance CRISPR Guides with Sensitive, Time-Resolved Cell-Based Assays
  • The Role of Potency Assays in Cell Therapy Manufacturing
  • Immunophenotyping, Above and Beyond
  • Multifunctional Potency Assays for Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Quantifying Immune Cell-Mediated Killing




Immunotherapy is changing the landscape of cancer treatment, but most of the available tools are adapted and not purpose-built for this cell-centric workflow. A safe, potent, and persistent immune cell product depends on developers mustering the full repertoire of immune cell function; activation, proliferation, cell fate, cytotoxic killing, immunomodulation, and memory. All of which must be accomplished in the ever-changing, suppressive, and toxic tumor microenvironment.

Agilent is dedicated to supporting these next-generation cell therapies, providing key technologies to enable high-efficiency gene editing and assessment of real-time cell function, phenotype, fitness and fate. Used together, this tool bench provides the capability to measure and control immune cell function, thus enabling translational researchers and developers to achieve the necessary level of therapeutic potency
and safety.

This e-book provides the latest recommendations from various leaders in immunotherapy research and their insights into exciting new developments. Their inspiration has guided and helped us compile these articles that showcase new analysis tools for scientists developing innovative cell-based solutions.